Marc Javel

Riding technologies and their solutions into the future

Innovative multilingual IT Director (English, native French, and Spanish), with a knack for progressive and reliable technologies to improve companies’ bottom line.

  • Formal training as an Architect provides a foundation for a keen ability to hold the vision of a local to the globally integrated system. It enabled capabilities to Design and solve problems outside the box. Build a consensus by analysis between Business, Technology and People Processes.
  • Educated in Architecture /engineering industry in France, but self-trained in the computer industry in the USA by learning Computer Aided Design, and transitioned into computer systems management via Desktop support, Network management, routing and switching, Wide area network, Internet, Security solutions, Firewall, VPN, Anti-Virus and Anti- Spam
  • Focused on migrating on-premises networks by leveraging hyper-convergence and virtualization through hybrid clouds. Actively developing catalogs of services to implement the concept of IT-as-a-Service.
  • Specializing in Backup/Disaster Recovery as Security solutions, providing Network and security assessments as a baseline to keep businesses afloat during and after Disasters.

Creating Business Continuity plans, analyzing crucial and needed data, implementing testing procedures. Focused on IT research, development and implementation to keep up with the ever-changing evolution of the industry.